A Feastival for the Senses

Ahhh…September you naughty beast you!

You sneak in after summer, with your beautiful warm afternoon sun, foliage on high volume colour and tease us with your pumpkin-spiced everything and then BAM! There’s forms to sign, cheques to write, homework to supervise, reading to get done, driving for drop-offs, regular (whatever THAT means!) mealtimes and oh yeah…we have to find and pair socks! You, are one cruel mistress.

I could be speaking for myself only, yes six children is a lot to navigate with. between school, work, play and all that other stuff. It doesn’t even matter that one of them doesn’t live at home, he’s still on “Mom-dar” and that takes up head space and time…ya know? I know all the parents that recently shipped their darlings off to Uni can relate to this.

AT ANY RATE, just like the rest of you, I am damn busy! What on earth climbed into my head and got me thinking that I should go back to University full-time for a business degree while still raising my brood? I absolutely love the IDEA of it. The campus is beautiful, my peers are young and optimistic, my professors have been inspiring, (well MOST of them) and I feel like I’m actually learning something I can apply to my life. Unfortunately, the work load is a real bummer. Looks pretty sweet on paper, five courses…no problem. Ooooh I couldn’t have been more wrong.

So here I am, at home after class all day, staring at a K2 sized mountain of reading and analyzing…and what keeps catching my eye? Mmmmm…it’s one of my favourite treats…something I like to do when I am home alone and no one can bother me…and I can just savour every second…guesssssss?

No, it isn’t chocolate. I’m not a chocolate girl, remember?

It isn’t even wine (this time).

It’s a cookbook! A wonderful, colourful, oooozing with flavour new cookbook! Even better, it’s written by a local author, living on our island, yay! However, the most wonderful thing…which I can barely even think about because I get too distracted, is that I get to share a stage with her this Saturday afternoon! Whoohoo!

If you haven’t heard about it yet, and I really hope you have, FEASTIVAL is coming this Saturday, September 26th, from 10am-4pm to the Vancouver Island Conference Center. There are a number of celebrity chef’s that will be there giving recipe demos up on the food stage. I consider myself so lucky to be working alongside Daksha Narsing from Daksha’s Gourmet Spices. If her cookbook Daksha’s Gourmet Kitchen is any indication, we are in for a treat!

Other incredible culinary talents that will be presenting are Don Genova, popular CBC Radio host and Author of one of my favourite food books, a true guide to the delicious and innovative; Food Artisans of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. The lovely and talented Hilary Malone will sharing a recipe too! You can get more information about the gorgeous cookbook, Sea Salt, that she co-authored with her mom and sister here in a related blog post that I did a bit ago. Cory Parsons will round out the talent on the food stage. Renowned world traveler, spokesperson and quadriplegic chef, he will be sharing recipes from Cooking With Cory.

Since I have lived here, my mind has been constantly blown away by the quality and depth of food sources and producers on this glorious Island. This coming Saturday, The Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce is really rolling out the red carpet for all those superstars in the food industry here. There will be :

  • Seventy, yes, 70 tradeshow booths
  • Fun family cooking classes (on TOP of the celebrity demos I mentioned above)
  • Delectable sips and samples
  • Craft brews and Island Wines on sale
  • A Farmer’s market

OH and I can’t possibly forget…the 2nd Annual Seafood Chowder competition. If you missed it last year, don’t make that mistake again. Local restaurants and food peeps are competing for the title of Best Seafood Chowder, voted on by judges (yep, I get to do that again…tough job but…) and the very prestigious People’s Choice Award.

Basically I’m playing hookey from my piles of school work to go and play with all the fun foodie people out there, I really hope you’ll do the same,  join me and don’t forget to bring a generous appetite! We need to take some time to support all of our local food providers, show them how important we think they are and get some inspiration for our kitchen adventures this harvest season. I’m so looking forward to seeing you, please come up and say hello! I’ll try to answer…between mouthfuls!

You can get tickets at the door or online at feastival.ca

* $5 Admission * $3 kids under 12 * $15 families  * Food/Drink tickets $2  * Workshops $6 pp

Heck of a deal!

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.”
~Ruth Reichl


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